FILIPINO BOXING (DIRTY BOXING), also known as Suntukan or Panantukan
is a devastating form of hand-to-hand combat from the Philippines.

A part of the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali & Escrima), Dirty Boxing
utilizes nearly every part of the anatomy as a human weapon.

Similar to Thai Boxing but with absolutely no rules, Filipino Boxing
makes similar use of elbows, knees and punches but with slightly less
emphasis on kicking. Because it's based on knife fighting, the kicks
are mostly performed at the low line.

However, unlike Thai Boxing, Dirty Boxing utilizes many other tools
that are illegal in Muay Thai. Some favorite tools include head butts,
finger jabs, claws, palms, slaps, forearm strikes, hammer fists,
knuckle fists, back fists, thumb gouges, fish hooks, shoulder butts,
sweeps, bolo punches, clinching, all types of elbows and knees and low
kicks in combination with mainstream boxing punches. These tools are
used offensively and as counter-attacks.

But it's not just the use of these unorthodox tools that makes DIRTY
BOXING unique. It's the way these techniques are integrated into a
classic boxing structure that makes them so functional.

As there are no rules in Dirty Boxing and almost any parts of human
can be used as weapons, so it can make any boxing-based martial art
like Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Savate or Jeet Kune Do become
more practical for real-world fighting and self-defense.

什麼是 Dirty Boxing?

Dirty Boxing (Filipino Boxinig),亦稱為Suntukan或Panantukan, 是來自菲律賓的徒手搏擊術。

Dirty Boxing 是菲律賓賓魔杖體系的其中一部分。全身所有部位,幾乎都可以作為武器。

在外觀上,Dirty Boxing 跟泰拳有點相似,但它卻完全沒有規則。它有類似泰拳的肘擊,膝蹴及拳擊。由於 Dirty Boxing
是由刀法演變而成, 所以它的腿法以中下路為主,上路腿擊相對地較少。

不同於泰拳,Dirty Boxing 很多攻防技法都是泰拳所不容許的.
常用的技法包括頭搥,標指,手抓,掌擊,掌摑,前臂打擊,錘拳,插捶,背拳,拇指挖擊,肩靠,足掃,拋拳,纏鬥,不同角度的肘擊和膝蹴, 低踢等。

然而, 並非只單是因為這些另類的技法, 而致 Dirty Boxing 與別不同。這些技法跟傳統的拳擊螎合起來, 使它們變得更加實用.

由於 Dirty Boxing 沒有規則可言, 及全身幾乎都可以作為武器,
因此它可把所有打擊系武術如拳擊,泰拳,踢拳,MMA,法國踢腿術,截拳道等變得更實戰, 更具自衛能力。